Tuesday Supper Club

About our Music

It's hard for us to classify our music into one genre. We all enjoy playing so many types of music. On any given night, you might find us playing rock, americana, blues, soul, funk, latin-esque, Irish drinking songs, rap or metal. We take the venue and audience into account whenever we play a show and try to match the setlist to the setting. In addition to doing covers, we also write our own music which typically happens as a collaborative effort. In most cases, someone creates an interesting riff, Jen records it and brings it home, writes lyrics and melody, brings it back to the band, and we work towards making it tight. It's really fun and rewarding to share the creative process together as a band. When it comes to covers, anything is fair game really. From the Pixies to Nelly to Rage Against the Machine, we love to try out new music and put the TSC spin on it. In short, we love playing and making music with each other and we hope that love inspires and entertains you; it definitely entertains us.